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April to May 2019

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The sportDS Hockey Academy offers players the opportunity to work on all aspects of their game.

We offer a range of program lengths: flexi program, 6 weeks & 12 weeks.

We recommend playing club hockey while doing the Academy. It’s beneficial to be able to plan, practice and evaluate your Academy learnings in a club environment, week by week. If you need assistance with finding a club we can help.


What you get

  • Technical skills training; focusing on ball carrying position, attacking manipulation skills, and all-encompassing defensive skills

  • Opportunity for specialised development in advanced skills such as drag flicking, backhand skills, overheads and penalty corner skills

  • Decision making under pressure and tactical tuition in different game scenarios

  • Individual video analysis of match play

  • Comprehensive strength and conditioning assessment and player-specific program

  • Workshops on eating for performance, personal identity and self awareness, focusing in high pressure environments and a rare Athlete Experience - getting a tour and training viewing of an elite football club in the AFL

  • Behavioural profiling in sport with a world renowned Athlete DISC profile


Program options

6 weeks - fully comprehensive program. Covers technical, tactical and conditioning aspects in an intense format. 8 - 10 sessions per week, this program will surely take your game to the next level.

12 weeks -  all of the above - offered at a discounted rate. Go into further depth with technical and conditioning aspects of the program.

Flexi-program - in Melbourne for a shorter stay? Want to sharpen up for your upcoming competition? Missed a club training? This could be for you...


Training facilities

sportDS Hockey Academy sessions are conducted on a number of high quality inner Melbourne pitches, all accessible by public transport.

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