Many of our sportDS Academy participants are gap year students from overseas. We know that as a parent, sending your son or daughter across the globe to Melbourne can be daunting. We’ve created this page to give you important information about how we can make this an enjoyable, safe and valuable athlete experience for your aspiring young sportsperson.

Some athletes choose to stay with family or friends whilst here in Melbourne, whilst some more confident travelers choose to make their own living arrangements. For others who prefer a more supported experience, we can recommend Sport Lived.

sportDS Academy has been working closely for many years with Sport Lived, a UK based company who specialise in sporting gap year experiences. Together we have been guiding athletes and players through their time in Melbourne and helping to create lifelong memories.

Aside from the benefits of providing an instant network of friends for your son or daughter, Sport Lived make the early weeks of their program hassle free.

Sport Lived will arrange:

  • An introductory Skype with the Melbourne Coordinator prior to arrival

  • Standard or Premium accommodation options in Melbourne

  • Airport pick-up and drop-off by one of their Melbourne staff

  • Placement with a sports club for the duration of program

  • Life admin: medicare, mobile phone, myki (transport card), gym membership

  • Social events calendar - full of great must-do Melbourne activities

  • Assistance with finding work (for those staying long-term)

  • Enrolment in the sportDS Academy

Melbourne based staff are there to support and mentor throughout the program – available 24/7. What a relief!

Academy participants who book through Sport Lived are able to fully immerse themselves in Australian culture, improve significantly in their chosen sport and be kept busy with all that Melbourne has to offer - pre-arranged and worry free. They can return home having had the experience of a life time and having improved as an athlete. Win win!!   

Interesting fact: very often parents have visited their kids in Melbourne during the program and have had incredible experiences seeing what it’s all about. Great excuse for a holiday....

Check out their website for further details.


Find out below what parents have said about Sport Lived

Sport Lived gave (us parents) real comfort that our son had support and ‘away from home parents’ to keep an eye on him when he was so far away. The ability for youngsters to follow their dream in an organised and cost effective way is what makes Sport Lived so good. An excellent organisation arranging those special experiences.
— Sarah (UK)
I would recommend Sport Lived to any parent who would like a bit of security and structure when their child heads off on their travels, especially if they are into their sport. My son has enjoyed the experience twice now.….My son stayed in premium accommodation in Melbourne, which was excellent and formed great friendships. We were lucky enough to visit him on his first trip and were pleasantly surprised by the location and quality of the accommodation. The opportunities my son had to join a local club and become more independent certainly stood him in good stead for a full time career in cricket coaching. Aside from this, the social activities are great including the opportunity to watch a cricket test match at the MCG and go to the Australian Open
— Jane (UK)
My son had a fantastic time and has returned home much more independent, mature and ready to head off to University. Although at first glance the trip appears expensive, it is invaluable for parents to know that their child has 24/7 support on their trip on the other side of the world. The staff guide them through the things they need to do when they first arrive, make the contacts and arrangements with the sports club, introduce them to their fellow travellers., arrange interesting and varied social events and help them to find work if they want to supplement their spending money……my son has been home for just a week now and can’t stop talking about all the things he saw and did. He had two coaching jobs which really opened his eyes to how a teacher/coach feels and the responsibilities they have. He chose to take part in the kid’s club presentation and made a speech in front of 75 parents and kids – something he wouldn’t have dreamed of doing 6 months ago. And when he got home he sorted out and put on his own washing!
— Teresa (UK)