What is the best academy for me to join?

We have options to cater for all ages and abilities. Our programs run at different times during the year, so typically it’s best to do a program leading into your representative team trials or your club pre-season.

What does a typical session look like?

We pride ourselves on delivering a coach:player ratio of 1:6 to strike the perfect balance between individual attention and realism. Your coach will focus on perfecting your technique and playing small games with a ‘how to think’ focus, giving you plenty of great tips to take away from the session.

You pack a lot of content into a short space of time – is there a risk of hockey overload?

Our sessions are designed to work at any time in the year. Our in-season programs are designed with a lower intensity, which minimises injury risk and gives you the chance to really understand the concepts we teach. You can then try your new ideas out on your friends in clubland!

I am an overseas player; can you help me play hockey abroad?

YES – we can help arrange your placement to play here in Australia, in The Netherlands or the UK. Head to our Hockey Connect section to learn about our simple model that will get you the best deal possible to maximise your experience!